Hey People. J-Squared is here.

Welcome to J-Squared Media – the Blog. Wow, that sounds official!

If you’re new to this blog, you’re in good company, because I’m a newbie too – and so is everyone else. This is my first blog-post for J-Squared Media, as well as the first blog I’ve ever written period. I’m not a hardcore ‘blogger’ by any means, but the time has come for me to start probing the depths of the internet and latching on to the massive crowds who gather here. After all, J-Squared Media was founded on the principle that the internet is by far the most influential communication platform ever invented.

The possibilities and innovations tucked away within the construct of the internet are endless, and J-Squared was developed with the attitude that these opportunities will continue to present themselves at a constantly increasing rate. With a focus on social communication software and emerging technology, J-Squared hopes to develop a suite of interesting and useful new business entities.

I believe I’ve now written enough for the inaugural post. If you’re not bored, please come again. I’ll end with a final question: What would you personally like to see in this blog? Comments welcome.


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