J-Squared rolls out Viral Facebook App: Sticky Notes

Six days ago, J-Squared launched an application in Facebook called Sticky Notes. We now have over 50,000 users and are continuing to grow rapidly. We pushed through the top 100 list yesterday and now find ourselves as the 72nd largest app on the Facebook Platform out of over 1,000. How did we do this?

Simple. Communication is always at the heart of interactions online. A computer is merely a glorified calculator until you connect it to another machine and allow the two to interact. The difference between technical interaction and human interaction is that social communication always carries with it an emotional intent. At J-Squared, we felt that the expression of emotional communication could stand to be enhanced on Facebook, thus offering users a superior experience in the growing space of ones ‘digital life.’

So, how do people interact on Facebook? They send short snippets of information back and forth. These ‘micro-emails’ form the fabric of a large portion of online communication today. Twitter has proven that such communication is a ubiquitous and addictive behavior.

In response, we took this same behavior and enhanced it on Facebook through the concept of Sticky Notes. By enhancing the graphical representation of messaging and allowing the expression of emotion through fonts, colors, and familiar real-world objects, we were able to create a compelling new way to micro-message online.

Our advice to Facebook developers: find a ubiquitous activity and break it down to its fundamental core. Then offer enhancements to that activity in a creative way. There you have it. Of course there are other techniques to employ – but this one has worked well for us thus far. Anyone have any spare servers?

We’ll discuss more about the Sticky Note project as J-Squared continues to develop it. Please comment on this post. We love comments.


2 responses to “J-Squared rolls out Viral Facebook App: Sticky Notes

  1. are you able to down load sticky notes that are on facebook to your computer so they are on your desktop?

  2. What happened to Sticky Notes on Facebook?? Why is it down?? Is J-Squared still alive??

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