TechStars: Invaluable

J-Squared Media has the benefit of being backed by the TechStars program, a start-up incubator located in beautiful Boulder, Colorado. We wanted to take some time to let people know just how instrumental TechStars has been in focusing our efforts and supporting our growth. For those of you who don’t know, incubators are a relatively new way for start-ups to get off the ground. The incubator provides some seed money (usually only about 10-20K), but most importantly they provide expertise, resources, and infrastructure.

Here are some of the people we’ve been able to talk to, simply because we’re part of the TechStars family: David Cohen (founder of TechStars and Zoll Data Systems among others), Brad Feld (Mobius Venture Capital and the Foundry Group), Jared Polis (founder of Proflowers and Blue Mountain. He’s also running for congress by the way), David Mandell and Kimbal Musk (, Darren Crystal (CTO of Photobucket), Eric and Todd (founders of MyBlogLog), among COUNTLESS others. Not only that, but we have office space, special server deals, access to lawyers, and so much more. We’re truly blessed to be growing under the direction of such brilliant people. Thank you TechStars.


One response to “TechStars: Invaluable

  1. I’m envious! I think TechStars is an awesome opportunity for any tech startup.

    Incubators have been around since the 1960s ( I’ve had a little exposure to business incubators, and I’d agree with David Cohen, TechStars is not an incubator, at least not in the traditional sense.

    “We’re not landlords, this is not an incubator,” Cohen said. “We’d rather have people call it a hatchery. We’re testing our theories about what ideas might be viable, and great founders will find the right ideas.”

    Good luck in TechStars! I’m certain you guys will have an exciting and fun-filled future. Wish I could be there too!

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