Facebook Sticky Notes App Passes 100,000 Users

J-Squared wishes everyone a Happy 4th of July!

At the time of this writing, Sticky Notes has captured nearly 119,000 users, making it the 56th largest application on Facebook. This is a great milestone for us and we’re very excited to keep pushing the product forward.

We’ve had numerous brainstorming sessions with colleagues and friends on how to continue improving our simple but effective service. In about 10 days, we’ve shot up from nothing, showing the power of the Facebook framework and the curious nature of the Facebook community.

Never before have service providers and business owners had access to so many users so quickly. This mechanism for promoting information is unparalleled and represents a significant leap forward in communication technology. Facebook I’m sure has known this for quite a while, but now the massive communication structure has been unveiled in plain sight for everyone to experience together.

There are still kinks and questions – but the Facebook platform has proven itself to us as a viable channel of distribution, and an effective foundation from which to build a product. We look forward to welcoming changes as they come, and being a leader in the exploration of these unchartered waters.


3 responses to “Facebook Sticky Notes App Passes 100,000 Users

  1. You guys worried at all about the idea of a walled garden? http://www.codinghorror.com/blog/archives/000898.html

  2. Jesse Tevelow

    Eric, thanks for the comment. Interesting article. While the effects of the Facebook platform are still largely unknown, we feel that Facebook has presented a very exciting and useful option for building a business. While it’s true that social networks create somewhat of a walled garden, the momentum and energy behind this form of online social interaction bodes well for those participating in its development.

    Facebook has created rich integration systems for businesses like ours to fully entrench themselves ‘inside’ Facebook, which we believe creates a superior user experience in contrast with other current social networking frameworks. At the same time however, Facebook has a flexible platform in terms of how the technology can be structured, allowing for future portability onto the internet at large. We have built a service that fits well inside the Facebook ecosystem, but we also see potential strategies to leverage the service and its user-base in creative ways, both inside and outside Facebook’s ‘walls.’ It will be interesting to see how businesses utilize this new channel of distribution as it develops, and how consumers will react.

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