500,000 Users and Counting…

Sticky Notes has passed half a million users! Our growth rate is at an all-time high and we’ll be doing our first release of ad campaigns this weekend to get some revenue flowing. We have some interesting things in the pipeline and big plans for how to continue building out this new business channel.

We owe a big ‘thanks’ to everyone who has helped us thus far, most notably TechStars, our original investor who has backed us from day one and provided important introductions to potential partners, scaling and infrastructure advice, and other useful resources.

It’s Friday night. Let’s party.


2 responses to “500,000 Users and Counting…

  1. i love my sticky notes in facebook, but i love them so much i want to use them as a stand alone ap on my PC. Can we do this?

  2. Jesse Tevelow

    Hi Abigail,

    Thanks for the comment. We’re so glad to hear that you’re enjoying Sticky Notes. We’ve definitely thought about the possibility of building it out into its own stand alone app. Maybe sometime soon that will be a reality!

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