How People Use Facebook

Facebook users are interesting. We’ve come to know them very well. Our users are adamant, bored, and expressive. Unfortunately, most developers don’t seem to understand how people use Facebook.

The profile is a spring board from which stuff bounces in or out. Most people think it’s just a place to house information, like a Netvibes or a MyYahoo. If you can understand that a profile is about the user, and not who won the baseball game last night, you’re already one step in front of the crowd.


5 responses to “How People Use Facebook

  1. This post isn’t entirely clear (or I’m dumb): Is your point that everything you put on a user’s profile has to say something about the user and not some other group? Or are you saying something else?


  2. Dan,

    Taking my example from above, let’s say there was a baseball game on last night.

    Instead of just displaying stats from the game, a good application will display it within a social construct. For example, it would be much more interesting to know if I was at that game, or if I watched it on TV, or whether I was routing for a specific team to win. Better yet, were my other friends watching? Who did they route for?

    The information in the profile box doesn’t necessarily always have to be about the specific user, but there should be something inherently social about it.

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  4. why would i care if you were at the game, or if you friends watched it?

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