Facebook Sticky Notes: One Million Users

Today, Sticky Notes passed the one million user mark. We’re pretty happy to see 7 digits. It’s not very often that a product goes from zero to one million users in four weeks. We want to thank everyone who’s helped us thus far, and we especially wanted to thank our 1,000,000th user! Facebook’s ability to provide a direct line of communication between developers and consumers has been a great asset as we build the product. We have a long list of new features to roll out, all thanks to our users. Thanks everyone!




12 responses to “Facebook Sticky Notes: One Million Users

  1. Thanks Brian!

  2. That’s amazing! I’ve been following the TechStars crowd here and there and found you guys just today. Keep up the good work and I can’t wait to see what comes next for J-Squared.

  3. Pamela Shannon

    This is just the beginning for such a dynamic team! Congratulations!

  4. Congratulations! Great work on Sticky Notes and really great writeups on what it takes to make a successful Facebook app.

  5. Congrats. It’s amazing growth.

  6. Techcrunch is saying that the stickynote app is bringing $30,000 a month, is that true? Can you share how is revenue generated? Are you guys putting ads on the app page? or in the stickynote?
    I hope you guys can share as much as you can on this so the other FB developers can have a better idea. I’m sure a post on that would be extremely popular on the blog… Thanks!

  7. KT: if you add their app you’ll see that there’s ads at the top of canvas pages. That’s generally the ad strategy for facebook apps.

    Nice work jsquared guys.

  8. Thanks a lot!

  9. Hey, what font is used for the “Outline” font in that application?

  10. Hello guys,

    The sticky notes on facebook looks like not to work properly since end of may. When you try to save a simple sticky note, we get the message “ooups it’s not working try again” a bit frustrating.
    Do you think you are able to fix it.

    Thks in adv.

  11. And neither are the sticky’s. Please fix it! The application is great, as long as it works…

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