Facebook’s New Metrics – Activity

Facebook has changed their rating system to rank applications based on their active users. However, many people don’t know what ‘active’ means according to Facebook. Here is an excerpt from their developer blog:

“With a change this foundational to Facebook Platform’s measurement, we want to make sure that you completely understand how we will be measuring engagement. We define engagement as the number of users who touch your application every day (measured from midnight to midnight each day).”

These touch points are:
– Canvas Page Views
– Link Clicks in FBML
– Mock-Ajax Form Submission
– Click-to-Play Flash

“The number of engaged users is calculated by putting all of these touch points together. We display this as the number of “Daily Active Users.” Next to it we also show what percentage that is of the application’s total number of users.”

This is a good measure of engagement, but we don’t think it’s the best indicator of overall utility. If lots of people are clicking to play flash in their profile, that’s a quick way of engaging the user, but canvas pages seem more important to us. That’s where users can really interact with the software. It’s also where companies can drive revenue.

This early in the game, stats and rankings should all be taken with a grain of salt.


One response to “Facebook’s New Metrics – Activity

  1. Hi Jesse and team.
    I had some down time today so I was catching up on the happenings of Jsquared. Congrats on the success you’ve already achieved. I know you have put countless hours into it all and it shows. Best of luck on your continued success!!!

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