BusinessWeek Profiles J-Squared


Today, J-Squared is the featured story in the Small Business section of BusinessWeek Online. You can read the story here. We’re happy to be featured in such a high-profile publication. The article mentions some exciting developments including some early investment information as well as our latest revenue projections.

We also recently launched a new version of Sticky Notes that we are particularly excited about. This new flash version will enable us to roll out new features more quickly. Go to Facebook and check it out! Several new projects are also in development and should be live soon.

Sticky Notes

Our business continues to mature right along side the Facebook Platform. It has been a great springboard for us. We’re looking forward to getting involved with other platforms to keep our business and products diversified. We’ll have more updates in the coming weeks, so stay tuned…


6 responses to “BusinessWeek Profiles J-Squared

  1. Hey guys, that’s absolutely amazing! Congratulations!

  2. Joe and Jesse, congratulations on the phenomenal success and good luck in the future!

  3. Guys…. I’m gobsmacked. You both rock. What a short year its been…. outstanding.

  4. Your development is amazing in itself and I hope you make it to the top with that. There is so much that can be done.

  5. Guys, what sort of growth have you witnessed since the business week article? Can you give us an idea of the infrastructure that supports the app? (# of servers, etc). Its always interesting to hear about the challenges that you have encountered with the tremendous growth. Continued success!

  6. yo. the textlink to your (mighty marvelous btw!) baby is a bunk link (@”check it out!”). thought you’d like to know, just being good net citizen etc…
    ok, ok, and hoping maybe that being friendly and/or helpful might allot me a free pass to pick your brain sometime in case I…

    (a) come up with an idea for a sensible/timely/profitable web app, initiate actualizing it, and would prefer to create more and google less.


    (b) could use a heads up on how to squeeze my way into making coffee on rails or whatever to power (or any other way of getting involved with) a future application or project.

    …instead of commenting about html typos on folks’ (who did something cool) blogs.

    all the chatty banter aside, big ups on your idea and doing it, very well. cheers.


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