Open For Business

It’s now easy for us to answer the question: “How will you expand outside of Facebook?”  From day one, J-Squared was confident that the market would be forced to follow Facebook in opening up their platforms.  Google’s Open Social has validated our predictions.  As part of Google’s initial beta-testing group for the Open Social API, we were able to contribute to the platform during its creation period.  Google has done a good job overall in providing a strong set of resources for developers to begin creating new products and re-vamping old ones.   The market continues to develop  at increasing rates, as now a more homogenized technology will allow rapid development and distribution across a multitude of networking properties, all at once.  We’re very excited to continue building our company in the midsts of such a revolutionary time.  Ramping up is our biggest challenge at this point.


2 responses to “Open For Business

  1. Hey, you guys working on any Open Social applications already?

  2. Hi Li,

    Yes we’ve begun development. We were in NYC with Google a few weeks ago so we’ve had a chance to get familiar with the documentation.

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