Facebook “Advertising”

Tuesday, Facebook unveiled their new advertising program, Social Ads. We’ve placed ‘advertising’ in quotes because the term is changing. What is an ‘Ad’ exactly? Facebook is continuing to push the envelope in letting users decide what they want to consume through social interactions and trends versus strictly business-to-consumer solicitation. This is a great way to increase the virility of products and we think the program will be successful.

Facebook Pages is another advertising initiative that continues the trend of Facebook taking existing features of MySpace and offering them in a more effective and organized way. Facebook Pages will allow Brands such as Businesses, Products, Artists and Celebrities to interact with users on Facebook by creating their own profile pages.

For J-Squared, this means new challenges and new opportunities – a normal day like any other.


2 responses to “Facebook “Advertising”

  1. Jesse,

    Are you going to the Facebook Developer’s garage today? I would love to meet you guys, but am out of town. If you are going, I will change my schedule to swing by.


  2. Actually, the Social Ads are going to turn out to be the downfall in profit for Facebook in my opinion. The other ads were bad enough, but these have finally prompted several ad-blocking software applications (both free and purchased) as well as alternative browsers to start taking note and work on eliminating the newer generation of more intrusive ads.

    Thanks to the software I have, Facebook now has a much cleaner look and is much more fun to navigate. Word of what combo of software blocks the most is spreading fast — thanks to networking!

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