New Things On The Way

This is just a quick post to let everyone know that J-Squared has some new and exciting things on the way. We’ve been in development for several months on a very exciting new project. We’re excited to get it out to the public. It will likely be launching in early 2009.

Happy holidays to everyone!


TechStars 2008

TechStars is open for business! Applications are now being accepted for the 2008 summer session. J-Squared got its start through the TechStars program and we highly recommend it to anyone interested in starting their own company. You’ll meet some very influential people, experience the beauty of Boulder Colorado, and give yourself a great shot at success.  Check it out here, and read this article from TechCrunch if you’re interested.

Hey, We’re Hiring. Work Here.

Here is our craigslist post. If you’re interested in social applications – this is the place to be. If not, maybe you know someone else who may be interested. We’re looking for Ruby Rockstars. Come talk to us.

Facebook “Advertising”

Tuesday, Facebook unveiled their new advertising program, Social Ads. We’ve placed ‘advertising’ in quotes because the term is changing. What is an ‘Ad’ exactly? Facebook is continuing to push the envelope in letting users decide what they want to consume through social interactions and trends versus strictly business-to-consumer solicitation. This is a great way to increase the virility of products and we think the program will be successful.

Facebook Pages is another advertising initiative that continues the trend of Facebook taking existing features of MySpace and offering them in a more effective and organized way. Facebook Pages will allow Brands such as Businesses, Products, Artists and Celebrities to interact with users on Facebook by creating their own profile pages.

For J-Squared, this means new challenges and new opportunities – a normal day like any other.

Open For Business

It’s now easy for us to answer the question: “How will you expand outside of Facebook?”  From day one, J-Squared was confident that the market would be forced to follow Facebook in opening up their platforms.  Google’s Open Social has validated our predictions.  As part of Google’s initial beta-testing group for the Open Social API, we were able to contribute to the platform during its creation period.  Google has done a good job overall in providing a strong set of resources for developers to begin creating new products and re-vamping old ones.   The market continues to develop  at increasing rates, as now a more homogenized technology will allow rapid development and distribution across a multitude of networking properties, all at once.  We’re very excited to continue building our company in the midsts of such a revolutionary time.  Ramping up is our biggest challenge at this point.

BusinessWeek Profiles J-Squared


Today, J-Squared is the featured story in the Small Business section of BusinessWeek Online. You can read the story here. We’re happy to be featured in such a high-profile publication. The article mentions some exciting developments including some early investment information as well as our latest revenue projections.

We also recently launched a new version of Sticky Notes that we are particularly excited about. This new flash version will enable us to roll out new features more quickly. Go to Facebook and check it out! Several new projects are also in development and should be live soon.

Sticky Notes

Our business continues to mature right along side the Facebook Platform. It has been a great springboard for us. We’re looking forward to getting involved with other platforms to keep our business and products diversified. We’ll have more updates in the coming weeks, so stay tuned…

Widgets Abound

With the recent success of the Facebook platform and the surge of ‘third party developers’ into the market, the world of widgets is opening up. Everyone is excited about it, even Google apparently. This bodes well for J-Squared as we expand our products to other places on the web. We see widgets as the next development of interactive rich content and advertising online. As people learn where they ‘like to be’ online, bringing rich content to them will be paramount, both for advertisers and content providers.